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BedMart presents 5 ways to keep cool while you sleep this summer

5 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Sleep great and keep cool with BedMart’s Bed Smart tips to keep cool all summer long

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Tips for Better Sleep

Bed Smart Tips for Better Sleep!

How can you get your best night’s sleep, every night? BedMart is here to help! Be Bed Smart and check out our quick tips and tricks for better sleep:   1.  Consistent Sleep Schedule Going to bed late followed by getting up early wreaks havoc on your internal clock! Keep consistency in mind when it comes […]

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Sip Your Way to Better Sleep

Sip Your Way to Better Sleep!

    Typically we think of great night’s sleep as coming from a top quality mattress, undisturbed sleep and a consistent sleep schedule. However, what we put into our bodies can also mean the difference between poor and great sleep. Sip your way to better sleep with these beverages that help induce sleep and keep […]

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Top Ten Tips for Surviving Daylight Saving Time

Losing one hour of sleep every spring isn’t easy. If you’re finding it hard to adjust, know that you’re not alone! Check out the tips from the Better Sleep Council below and start sleeping better tonight. Better Sleep Council’s Top Ten Tips for Surviving Daylight Saving Time 1. Gradually Transition into the Time Change To […]

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Sleeping Through the Holidays

Prepare your ZZZs! Extra days off for the holidays usually mean two things— later nights out and the ability to catch up on some much-needed sleep. But not many of us consider the fact that “catching up” on missed sleep from holiday parties and New Year’s shenanigans can result in something that experts refer to […]

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