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Selecting a Mattress Size

Modern mattress models are commonly manufactured in the following sizes: King, California King, Queen, Full XL, Full, Twin XL, and Twin. Not all models are made in every size, though many are. Each of these mattress sizes is designed to meet a specific need, with factors like room size, how active of a sleeper you are, and whether or not you share the bed determining which size would best suit your needs.

King 76" x 80"
Cal King 72" x 84"
Queen 60" x 80"
Full XL 54" x 80"
Full 54" x 75"
Twin XL 38" x 80"
Twin 38" x 75"

Selecting a Sheet Color

We only carry certain colors per sheet type. The appearance of sheet colors on your device may vary. The best way to view the color selection is to visit your nearest BedMart.

Selecting a Base

The right base can make all the difference. Your new mattress needs a firm, level surface such as a platform bed or existing base.

Foundations are designed and engineered to provide your new mattress the proper support needed to perform night after night.

Adjustable Power Bases are the perfect upgrade from a flat foundation. With different options and features you can raise the head of the foundation in virtually infinate number of positions or get all the features which allows you to choose an infinite number of ergonomic rest positions, plus rejuvenating massage. You can find out more about our adjustable base options here.

Selecting a Frame

Keep your mattress and base off the floor with the proper support of a steel frame. Made from recycled railroad steel, our frames are second to none in being economical, ecologically friendly, and strong.

Selecting a Mattress Protector

Protect your investment with one of our premium mattress protectors. Not only do these breathable protectors repel spills and stains, but they also protect your mattress from allergens such as pollen, dust mites, and other icky critters! The fitted sheet style mattress cover is easy to remove, re-use, and is machine washable and has a 10 year warranty!


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